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Blog, blog, blah blah. You know the routine.

So,  just made this blog. I might keep up with it, or I might let it fall down the tubes of long-forgotten and unused internet data like other projects of this nature that I’ve tried to start before but didn’t really care about. Eh. Who knows. (Probably a little bit of both).

Blogs are a funny thing… Many people, it seems, create one under the delusion that people will care about what they have to say. I for one am not interested in the personal life or opinion of some uncredited stranger over the internet. Nor do I feel any impulse to share my own personal life over public domain.

Although I have to admit, lately I’ve been running across more and more personal blogs when googling for various stuff and many of them are quite helpful. Mostly blogs related to graphic design, sharing resources, etc., they sometimes can help you out on something or give you new insight to whatever topic you were searching for.

I think that’s alright. And well, as a Media Arts major and aspiring graphic designer, this kind of piqued my interest. If nothing else, maybe just for the experience of the thing, you know? We shall see.

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